August 1 – 11

Route details

We will go to the deepest part of the Altai Mountains from the Kazakh side.

Landscapes will change from wild mountain ranges to Martian desert landscapes. From the cool mountain lakes to the huge warm lake of Zaisan. Natural parks, nature reserves, views of the majestic Belukha, authentic villages and the real spirit of Altai await us in this cycling adventure!

We will visit lakes Yazevoye, Bukhtarminskoye, Markakol, Zaisan, Upper and Lower Tainty, Sibinskoye lakes, Martian landscapes Kin-Kirisha, Cape Shekelmes, drive along the Old Austrian road, visit 10 meters from the Chinese border, take a ferry through Zaisan.

The participants of this trip will have to see it all and overcome many interesting lines on the poorly manicured paths.

Route specification

11 days


1500 km

total length

300 km

bicycle length

1 104 €


Main route points

озеро Язевое

Yazevoe Lake

The lake is located on the territory of the Katon-Karagai National Park, near the border with Russia. Around the lake dense Altai forest. It offers a magnificent view of Mount Belukha, the highest mountain in the Altai, which is reflected in the lake in clear weather. It is located on the main road to Belukha, the upper reaches of Katuni, Kokkol waterfall and Kokkol mine. There are a lot of fish here — yaz.

Озеро Бухтарминское

Bukhtarma Lake

The lake is also located on the territory of the Katon-Karagai National Natural Park, just 2 km from the state border with Russia. Not far from the lake is the border outpost. Butarminskoye Lake is a unique natural attraction of Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan region and Katon-Karagai National Park. The road to the lake and back is ideal for cycling — a smooth set of heights, beautiful landscapes of the Altai Mountains.

Старо-австрийская дорога

Old Austrian road

The Austrian road has a length of almost 150 km and is known for its beauty. Starting in the steppe part of the region, in the village of Terekty, it goes almost strictly northwards through the Marble Pass, composed of white and gray marble limestone, from here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the grandiose velvet sands of Kyzylkum on the Chinese side, past the unique Lake Markakol, through the valley of the Kara-Kaba mountain river, to the Burhat Pass, which offers a view of the Katunsky ridge and the valley of the Bukhtarma river.

Озеро Маркаколь

Lake Markakol

Lake Markakol — the largest reservoir of the Altai has a length of 38 kilometers, width from 15 to 20 kilometers, depth from 10 to 27 meters. It lies at an altitude of 1449 meters above sea level, between the Azu-Tau ridges in the south, the Sorvenok ridge in the east and the Kurchum ridge in the north. The lake is located on the territory of the Markakolsky Reserve. There is a rare fish — bitterling in it.



Kiin-Kerish Wilderness is an eroded sediment of colorful, mainly red clays. The clays washed away by water and wind form a very bright and bizarre landscape. Layered with tertiary clays is an unimaginable place of beauty and originality with unique red, white and orange buildings. From afar, the red clay cliffs and the cliffs of Kiin-Kerish resemble a flame bursting in the wind. For this, they are called «Burning Rocks».

озеро Зайсан

Zaisan Lake and Cape Shekelmes

Zaisan (from Mong. Zaisan «prince», also Zaisan) — a lake in the east of Kazakhstan, in an open high and flat valley between mountain ranges: from the north-east — Altai, from the north-west — Kalbinsky and from the south — Tarbagatai. The Chinese border runs 60 km from the eastern shore of the lake, and from the Chinese side flows into the Zaisan River Black Irtysh. The lake is located at an altitude of 420 m, its length is 105 km, width — 22-48 km, maximum depth — 15 m. Cape Shekelmes is a clayey, multicolored sediment on the shore of Lake Zaisan.

Озёра Таинты

Tainty Lakes

These are two small lakes near the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk: Upper and Lower Tains. They are beautiful and not repeatable. Around the lakes there are pine forests, rocks and mineral springs.

Сибинские озёра

Sybinian lakes

The Sybinian lakes are five lakes surrounded by powerful rock formations. It is one of the favorite places of rest for tourists. There are recreation centers and health centers built here. The most picturesque are the northern rocky shores of the lakes. They can be reached only by swimming or following a long mountainous route. The beaches, which are inaccessible for cars (even nudist beaches), are intended for true lovers of nature and peace.

Tour Video

Bicycle tour program

Meeting guests at the airport.
Transfer to the hotel.
11:00 — General meeting of participants. Lunch in a cafe with a national flavor. There will be an opportunity to taste national cuisine.
Then we are going to move by car in the direction of alpine ice rink «Medeo». From there we go up by cable car to the ski resort «Chimbulak».
Walk in the mountains. We will go up to a height of 3200 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city.
In the afternoon we go down to the city. A few hours of free time, you can walk around the city.
20:00 — Dinner at the cafe.
22:00 — Return to the hotel.

Bicycle part: 0 km
Automotive part: 400 km

07:30...09:30 — Morning flight Almaty — Ust-Kamenogorsk.
09:30...10:30 — Meeting of guests at the airport. Loading on cars, exit on a route.
10:30...17:00 — Transfer to the village of Katon-Karagai. On the way stop at Bukhtarma water reservoir. It will be possible to swim. Then lunch at the roadside cafe.
17:00 — Arrival in Katon-Karagai village. Check-in at the hotel.
17:00...20:00 — Free time, you can walk around the village.
20:00 — Dinner.

Bicycle part: up to 50 km
Automotive part: 60 km
Height gain: 1000 meters
Terrain: constant climbing with a good inclination angle. Forest.

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast.
9:00...10:00 — Transfer to the starting point of the bicycle part. Start of a bicycle part. 40 km set of heights on a forest path to Lake Yazevoje, on the way to the waterfall. And also stop for lunch snack.
15:00 — Arrival to the lake. From the lake in good weather overlooks the mountain «Belukha», the highest mountain of Altai! The mountain is located on the border of Kazakhstan and Russia.
15:00...19:00 — Free time. Trekking around the neighborhood.
19:00 — Dinner. Accommodation in a guest house or in tents. Swimming in the lake. Bathhouse. Rest.

Bicycle part: up to 80 km
Automotive part: 0 km
Altitude climb: 1300 meters
Relief: descent from the lake Yazevoje, then smooth climbing to the place of overnight stay.

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast, field camp gathering.
9:00 — Departure towards Bukhtarma lake. After a 30 km downhill, a smooth ascent along the picturesque valley.
14:00 — After passing the post, entering the border zone, there will be a small rest stop for a snack near the huge stone. Further on the bicycle part will be continued.
18:00 — Installation of a field camp by the river. It will be necessary to go to the border gate and pass registration.
20:00 — Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.

Bicycle section: 30 km
Automotive part: 60 km
Relief: smooth ascent to the lake and descent to the overnight stay. Walk to the waterfall. Bicycle part down the valley Chindagatai.

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast.
9:00 — Pedestrian exit towards Bukhtarma Lake. From the lake to the border with Russia — 5 km!
11:00 — Walk near the lake, you can swim.
13:00 — Descent to the camp. Lunch snack.
14:00 — Camp gathering. Velostart down the valley. On the way to the waterfall.
16:00 — Finish of the bicycle part. Loading on cars and transfer to the place of overnight stay.
18:00 — Arrival at the place of overnight stay, setting up the camp.
20:00 — Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.

Bicycle section: 30 km
Automotive part: 30 km
Altitude climb: 1,100 meters
Relief: climbing to the pass, descending to the overnight destination on the old Austrian road

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast, camp gathering.
9:00 — Transfer to the beginning of the old Austrian road.
10:00 — Start of the bicycle part.
12:00 — Lunch snack at the top of the pass.
14:00 — 16:00 Bicycle part to the place of overnight stay.
16:00 — Arrival at the camp site. Installation of the camp. Free time.
20:00 — Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.

Bicycle section: 30 km
Automotive part: 0 km
Altitude climb: 900 meters
Landscape: hilly terrain, hills, hills, woods.

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast, field camp gathering.
9:00 — Start of bicycle parts. We drive on the Old Austrian road constructed in the beginning of 1900th by captive Austrians. A lot of forest berries. On the way there is a small snack.
15:00 — After lunch arrival to the village of Urunhaika. Near the lake Markakol. Accommodation in the guest house.
15:00...19:00 — Free time. Walk to the lake, swimming.
19:00...22:00 — Bathhouse. Dinner.

Bicycle section: 45 km
Automotive part: 100 km
Altitude climb: 500 meters
Relief: Smooth height drop.

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast.
9:00 — Start of bicycle parts towards Terekta village. On the way there will be a view of China with deserts. Exactly along the border there is a change of natural landscape: from the Chinese side — sand, from the Kazakh side — forest and greenery.
13:00 — Lunch snack. Loading of bicycles on cars and transfer to the Cretaceous mountains of Kin-Kirish.
15:00 — Walk along Kiin-Kerish.
16:00 — Transfer by car in the direction of overnight to Cape Shekelmes, located on Lake Zaisan.
18:00 — Arrival at Zaisan Lake. Installation of the camp. Bathing
8:00 p.m. Dinner. A field sleepover in tents.

Bicycle part: 0 km
Automotive part: 300 km

7:00...11:00 — Early rise, breakfast, camp gathering. Swimming in the lake.
11:00 — Exit by car in the direction of Lake Tainty.
13:00 — Crossing Zaisan. Then transfer to the lake Lower Tainty.
17:00 — Lower Taints. Installation of the camp. Rest.
20:00 — Dinner. Overnight stay in tents.

Bicycle section: up to 25 km
Automotive part: 100 km
Relief: smooth height drop

7:00...9:00 — Early rise, breakfast, camp gathering.
9:00 — Start. Bicycle part on the old road to the village of Asubulak. Here is the finish of the bicycle part. Loading into cars. Transfer to the Siberian lakes.
13:00...14:00 — Arrival at the Siberian lakes. Lunch snack.
14:00...15:00 — Walk along the lake.
15:00 — Transfer to Ust-Kamenogorsk.
17:00 — Arrival in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Check-in at the hotel.
17:00...20:00 — Free time. Rest.
20:00 — Dinner in cafe.
22:00 — Overnight stay in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

In the morning, a flight to Almaty, check-in at the hotel. Free day — you can walk around the city. Farewell dinner in the evening.

What's included in the price

  • Meet and greet guests at the airport
  • Accommodation in a hotel (standard 2-bed room, one day before the beginning and one after the active part of the tour. Plan your arrival on the dates recommended by the organizers.
  • Accommodation in guest house and hotel according to the program
  • Lunch and dinner on day 0. Dinner on the last day.
  • A guided tour to the Chimbulak ski resort
  • Full car support during the active part of the bicycle tour
  • Drinking water and cycling meals
  • Environmental posts, national park entry fees
  • Registration of passes to the border area
  • Veloguide
  • Cycle mechanic's support on the route
  • Cycling kit: keys, pump, patches, chain lubricants, high-pressure pump, brake repair kit and other tools, spare parts
  • Cycling instructor training and assistance
  • First aid kit: bandages, peroxide, painkillers, etc. A small first aid kit is located near the velogiste, a large extended first aid kit in the escort car.
  • Common camping equipment: tent, field kitchen tent, tables, chairs, refrigerator, dishes, washbasin, field toilet, 220V, etc.
  • Health insurance (not allowed to cycle tours without insurance)

What to take with you

  • Bicycle (if you don't have your own, you can rent it by appointment)
  • Tent, sleeping bag, karemat (if you don't have your own, we'll give you one - you'll have to leave a preliminary application)
  • Helmet, bicycle gloves and other protection as required
  • Individual first-aid kit (in case of diseases)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water flask
  • Backpack, where you can put the things you need during the active part
  • Windbreaker, raincoat
  • Weather clothes for the active part and warm clothes for the evening in the camp
  • Comfortable shoes for the active part, as well as exchangeable shoes
  • Identity document (it is necessary to have it with you, because part of the route passes through the border area and can be checked)

Additional services

  • MTB Hardtail bicycle: Cube, Giant and others with equipment above average

    44 €
    price in 11 days
  • MTB double suspension bike with equipment above average

    66 €
    price in 11 days
  • A tent and karemate

    Double tents and a mat are provided free of charge upon prior request (limited number)