Organization of tourist trips by our company

We're a team of people who are into bicycles. We organize exciting tourist trips and bicycle tours to popular places in Almaty region and other regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in foreign countries.

The idea of our business appeared in the early 2000s. At that time, we began to study popular cycling routes in Kazakhstan and came up with new ones. We drove most of these routes and tested them, as they say, "on our own skin". That's when our passion for travel, discovery and freedom began!

Some members of our team were engaged in cycling at a professional level under the leadership of Vladimir Saveliev.

After a while, when we had already accumulated sufficient knowledge and skills, our hobby and passion grew into the project "VELOTOUR-ASIA". We got the necessary equipment, purchased transport, equipped it with bicycle carriers and started to gather companies of friends and acquaintances who share our interests.

Now our team includes people with skills that are in demand on the road: professional drivers and guides, a cyclist, a doctor and even a field chef!

Vladimir Saveliev

Project Manager

- Master of Sports in Velokross of the Russian Federation, Master of Sports in Mountain Bike of the Russian Federation.
- Coach - consultant to the national mountain bike team of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2002-2005). He brought up six masters of sports in mountain biking of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Kirill Kazantseva - ICMK in mountain biking of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
- Professional knowledge in the field of maintenance and servicing of cycling equipment.
- Carrying out individual and group lessons with operating athletes professionals, also with sports fans (cycling, triathlon, cycling tourism).
- Carrying out and organization of individual, team camps on bases, in middle mountains, boarding houses, and also mini camps as for professional sportsmen, also for fans of sports - cycling, triathlon, cycling tourism.
Since 2017, he has been successfully engaged with a team of professionals in the development of cycling tours to Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Timur Murtazin

Guide, operator

Master of Sports in Mountain Bike RK. Winner of the Cups of Kazakhstan. Winner of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, member of the national team. He is a pupil of Saveliev V.A.
He is currently working with his team to improve cycling tourism in Central Asia. On the route, he is responsible for the movement of the column.

Madi Jaxygaliev

Tourist guide and bicycle mechanic

Professional cycling in the cycling federation of Kazakhstan from 2001 to 2003. Wide experience as a professional cycling mechanic. Huge experience in organization of tours and logistics. On the route he is responsible for the movement of the convoy, coordinates logistics issues and is responsible for general organizational issues. The car has an extended bicycle repair kit and bicycle parts. Any technical malfunction is easily eliminated in the shortest possible time. Always in radio contact with the cyclist and other drivers.

Yaroslav Dubodelov

Tourist guide and cycling guide

In active cycling since the early 2000s. Author of many cycling routes. On the route is responsible for the movement of the bicycle column. Always on the radio with a caravan. Also is the organizer of winter freeride tours in Kazakhstan.

Aleksandr Harin


In cycling for over eight years. In bicycle tours, he is responsible for accompanying the bicycle column. Always on the radio with a velology and the main one on the convoy.

Alexey Akhmerov

Driver, bicycle mechanic

In active tourism more than 10 years. Worked as a professional cyclist, so it is also easy to cope with any malfunction. Passion for a bicycle since childhood and masterfully owns it, and these skills are happy to share with the participants of the tour! Always on the radio with a velology.

Stanislav Potapov

A historian-archaeologist guide

In historical cycling tours he participates as a guide-historian, archeologist. Very well knows the region, was actively engaged in excavations throughout Kazakhstan. Worked on significant historical monuments. He is an active solo-velo-traveler.

Maxim Ibragimov


Field chef, with a culinary background. Great experience in cooking culinary delights in difficult field conditions. Also actively takes a great interest in cycling tourism.

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Vehicle fleet

In our fleet own all-wheel drive comfortable cars Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 and Mitsubishi Delica 4×4. The professionalism of our drivers and the high cross-country ability of our cars allows them to overcome all the obstacles on the way and accompany our guests throughout any most difficult route.

For luggage transportation, we use an indoor, sealed off-road trailer. The trailer is equipped with a 220 volt generator to illuminate the camp and power the freezer for food. Also, our guests can always charge their electronic gadgets.

For transporting bicycles, our cars are equipped with bicycle fasteners Thule.


For your comfort and convenience in the field we equip the camp with the best camping equipment. We install a mobile toilet in the wildfields. We use a huge tent RedFox Team Fox V2 for kitchen, canteen and evening gatherings. This tent reliably protects against rain and wind. We also have a mobile cinema with us to spend the evenings watching good movies in the open air.

The tours provide three meals a day: breakfast, dinner and lunch box during the active part of the tour. A chef with extensive experience in the field is responsible for the kitchen.

We welcome guests at the airport or train station and arrange a transfer to the hotel. And after the tour we always see off each guest.

One of our guides is a professional bicycle mechanic, his car has a bicycle set. Almost any breakage of your two-wheeled friend will be eliminated!