You can choose any of the cycling tours from the routes developed by our team, or order the route according to your own requirements.


the cost of the bike tour is indicated in the description of each. Any bike tour is at least one car. The car has 6 seats for guests. The price for the car does not depend on the number of participants. We will go even with one guest, but the more people there are, the lower the price for each participant. Also, the number of participants affects the amount of food, which is also reflected in the cost. Send a request indicating the selected tour and the number of people, and we will calculate the exact cost.< / span>

  • Transportation of participants and bicycles to and from the bike route to the city.
  • full car support on the route
  • bike mechanic with an extended set of tools
  • Bicycle guide accompanying participants on the Bicycle part of the route
  • cook services and meals on the route (except for meals in the cafe)
  • environmental fees at the entrance to national parks
  • General tourist equipment: tables, chairs, dishes, tent, dining tent, washbasin, gas burners
  • tents (2 locals, accommodation for 2), karemats (tent mats)
  • Accommodation in guest houses and recreation centers that are provided on some routes
  • Food at the cafe where we usually stop on trips
  • Services not provided on the route, such as horse rentals for horseback riding, which are available at certain stops on the routes
  • Rent a bike if you do not have your own (the rental price is indicated in the description of each route)

You can rent a Bike from us at the price indicated in the description of each route. Or you can drive the entire route in your seat in a minibus, it's a bit more boring than on a bike, but you will see all the same places and attractions.< / span>

  • Bicycle
  • Tent, sleeping bag, karemat
  • Helmet, Cycling gloves and other protection if desired
  • Individual first aid kit (in the presence of diseases)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water flask
  • Bicycle backpack
  • Windbreaker, raincoat
  • Clothing according to the weather for the active part and for the evening time in the camp
  • Comfortable shoes for the active part, as well as replacement shoes
  • Identity document (always have it with you, many routes run through border areas and can be checked)
  • Fast carbs while pedaling