Assy plateau — Kaindy lake — Kolsay lake- Komirshi gorge — Shalkode valley — Ketmen pass — Chundza hot springs


7 days




1200 km

total distance
длина велочасти

300 km

cycling distance

Route description

The route runs through the picturesque places of the Ile-Alatau National Park. We will ascend by car along the Turgen gorge to the top point, to the astronomical observatory of Assy. There will be the start of the bike part. The cycling part will run along the high plateau of Assy. The Assy plateau reaches a height of up to 3000 meters above sea level, it is famous for its beautiful landscapes - photo lovers can enlarge their collection with excellent shots! The plateau also has a rich history, we will meet ancient mounds, and especially observant can see the rock paintings. In summer time the plateau is used by shepherds as a pasture for cattle, here you can see a lot of yurts and huge herds of pets. The Assy plateau is beautiful in its own way at any time of year!

Then we will move to the most famous lakes of Kazakhstan!

Kaindy - lake in Kazakhstan, a popular tourist place in one of the gorges of Kungei Alatau, formed in the early XX century as a result of an earthquake, when a large landslide blocked the gorge. Despite the low water temperature, Lake Kainda is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. The main attraction of the lake is the spruces rising directly from the water. The lake is often called "dead" and there are no fish in it. The maximum depth of the lake reaches 21 meters.

Kolsai lakes - a system of three lakes in the northern Tien Shan, in the Kolsai gorge, in a lintel connecting the Kungei-Alatau and Zailiysky Alatau ridges. The lakes are located 10 km north of the border with Kyrgyzstan, 330 km south-east of Almaty. The lakes are called "the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan". The lakes are surrounded by coniferous forest from the Tien Shan spruce. The depth of the lakes reaches 50 m. The lakes are surrounded by coniferous forest of Tien Shan spruce. Among the fauna there are rainbow trout. We will visit the lower, third lake Kolsay.

We will visit the mysterious Komirsha gorge - a place of pilgrimage of local people. We will visit the salt lake Tuzkol, from which in good weather you can see the highest point of Kazakhstan - peak Khan Tengri. We will ride in a bicycle saddle the valley of the Shalkodesu river, and also overcome the mighty pass of 3100 meters high. On descent from the pass, we will lose more than 2 kilometers vertically!

Komirshi gorge is located on the southern side of the Ketmen ridge (Uzinkara). The place is very popular among locals because of the "holy" spring, located in the gorge and little known to tourists. From Kegen valley you can recognize the gorge by the huge white rocks on both sides of the gorge. When approaching the white rocks, it becomes obvious that they are natural gates to another, quite unique world of mountains. The rocks hang over a narrow gorge, in some places it narrows to the width of the road along a small narrow river.

The valley of the Shalkodesu River, also known as the Kegen River, is the most extensive valley in the Kazakh part of the Tien Shan. Its size is almost twice that of the Assy plateau. The length of Shalkodesu River is more than 100 km and its width reaches 30 km. The upper point of the valley is located at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. In the center of the valley flows Shalkodesu river, which gives rise to one of the largest water arteries of Almaty region - the river Charyn.

The final chord of the bicycle trip will be a vast valley in the deepest part of the country, as well as overcoming the severe pass in the territory bordering with China. We will approach the border with China at a distance of less than 30 km. There are also many cattle pastures in this region, many national yurts. Due to the remoteness of the region, tourists can hardly reach it.

And we will finish our trip with a good rest at one of the hot springs in the valley of Chuzhda


Day one
Turgen gorge — Assy astronomical observatory — Assy plateau

Cycling: 40 km
Vertical climb: 500 meters
Descent: 1,400 meters
Terrain — plateau, one mountain crossing

06:00 — 09:00 — Travel by car from Almaty to Assy astronomical observatory.
09:00 — 11:00 — Breakfast, preparation for the cycling route
11:00 — Start of the cycling route, cycling along Assy plateau and high-mountain summer pasture
17:00 — Approximate arrival time to the field camp
17:00 — 19:00 — Installation of the field camp. Leisure activities
19:00 — 20:00 — Dinner

Day two
Assy plateau — Bartogay lake — Charyn Canyon — Saty village

Cycling: up to 25 km
Vertical climb: 700 meters
Descent: 1,300 meters
Terrain — plateau, one mountain crossing

07:00 — 08:00 — Breakfast
08:00 — 09:00 — Decamp and preparation for the cycling route
09:00 — 12:00 — Cycling route from the camp to the Bartogay lake
12:00 — 13:30 — Travel by car to Charyn
13:30 — 15:00 — Cycling route to the Valley of Castles
15:00 — 16:00 — Lunch after cycling around Charyn, loading to cars for travel to another overnight stop
16:00 — 19:00 — Travel by car to Saty village and check-in at a guest house
19:00 — 20:00 — Dinner
20:00 — 22:00 — Refreshment time, a chance to take a shower

Day three
Kaindy lake

Cycling: 30 km
Vertical climb: 750 meters
Descent: 750 meters
Terrain: smooth ascent to the lake and descent to the guest house

08:00 — 09:00 — Breakfast
09:00 — 11:00 — Cycling up to Lake Kaindy
11:00 — 13:00 — Walk around the lake
13:00 — 14:30 — Descent to the guest house
14:30 — 15:30 — Lunch at the guest house
15:30 — 19:00 — Leisure activities, you can either walk, order a horse ride walk (at extra charge) along the Chilik river, ascend on foot or by bicycle to the Satinskoye gorge.
20:00 — Dinner at the guest house

Day four
Kolsay lake — Komirshi gorge

Cycling: 15 km
Vertical climb: 0 meters
Descent: 500 meters.
Terrain: descent to the guest house

06:00 — 07:00 — Breakfast
07:00 — 08:00 — Travel by car to the third Lower Kolsay Lake
08:00 — 10:00 — Walk along the lake
10:00 — 12:30 — Descending on bicycles to the village
12:30 — 14:00 — Lunch, a chance to take a shower, packing
14:00 — 18:30 — Travel by car to Komirshi gorge
18:30 — 19:30 — Installation of the field camp, leisure activities
19:30 — 21:00 — Dinner

Day five
Komirshi gorge — Shalkode valley

Cycling: up to 60 km
Vertical climb: 700 meters
Descent: 300 metres
Terrain: cycling along Shalkode valley

08:00 — 09:00 — Breakfast
09:00 — 17:00 — Cycling route to the overnight stop before the 3100m pass, we will make a stopover to enjoy a meal from lunch boxes
17:00 — 19:00 — Installation of the field camp, leisure activities
19:00 — 20:00 — Dinner

Day six
Pass 3100 — Hot sprins

Cycling: up to 50 km
Vertical climb: 500 meters
Descent: 2,500 metres
Terrain: mountain pass, descent to Chundzha valley

08:00 — 09:00 — Breakfast
09:00 — 10:00 — Decamp and start of the cycling route
10:00 — 15:00 — Cycling route. Cycling through the mountain pass and downhill to Chundzha valley
15:00 — 16:00 — Travel to the overnight stop at the hot springs
16:00 — 19:00 — Leisure activities, rest after the active part of the route
19:00 — 20:00 — Dinner in a cafe, leisure activities

Day seven
Chundzha hot springs — Almaty

08:00 — 10:00 — Breakfast at the hot springs
10:00 — 14:00 — Leisure activities, while you can swim in a pool, packing for a return journey
14:00 — 19:00 — Travel by cars to Almaty, a stopover in a cafe for dinner


  • Lead car

    on request
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibus (4 WD) with six seats in the passenger compartment, equipped with THULE bike racks
  • Additional car

    on request
    Mitsubishi Delica minibus (4 WD) with seven seats in the passenger compartment, equipped with THULE bike racks


  • Transportation of participants and bicycles to the start of the cycling route and back to the city
  • Full car support along the route
  • Bicycle mechanic with an extended set of tools
  • Cycling guide accompanying the participants along the cycling part of the route
  • Cook’s services and meals along the route (except for cafes)
  • Environmental fees at the entrance to the national parks
  • General tourist equipment: tables, chairs, dishes, tent, canteen tent, washbasin, gas burners
  • Two-person tents (double occupancy), sleeping pads (to be placed in tents)
  • Accommodation in guest houses and recreation camps that are included in some routes
  • Meals in cafes during scheduled stops
  • Services not provided along the route, such as horseback riding, which is available at certain stops along the routes
  • Bike rent in case you do not have your own bike

You can rent a bike with us. You can also travel along the entire route in a minibus. It’s a bit more boring than on a bike, but you will see all the same places and landmarks.

Bike rental price:

  • Hardtail

    210 €
  • Full suspension

    350 €
  • Bicycle
  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad
  • Helmet, cycling gloves and other safety equipment if you like
  • Individual medical kit (if you have any diseases)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Cycling backpack
  • Windbreaker, raincoat
  • Clothes according to the weather for the active part of the route and for evening hours in the camp
  • Proper shoes for the active part of the route and another pair of shoes for the camp
  • Passport or other ID (you should always have one at hand, as many routes run across border areas, and there may be random checks)
  • Simple carbohydrates to consume while cycling